Submitted By: Robert Onderko Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: I give this stadium a major upgrade over Shea. Which, no offense to Mets fans, was an utter dump. The new park has a lot to offer, such as the over-priced, but must-see Shake Shack among other great food places once you cross the Shea Bridge, which is also a very nice feature. I have sat in three different places at Citi. The Upper Deck twice, and the Field level once, and not once did I have a problem with the view of the game.

Cons of the ballpark: The atmosphere is decent, but there is no real buzz like you like to hear at your New York baseball games, a place where this sport is King. There is nothing really around the stadium on the outside where you can get a burger or grab a beer before the game.

Additional Comments:
This field is modeled after Ebbetts Field, which is beautiful, but the Franchise resides in Los Angeles. There is no sense of history for a team that has been around for over 40 years and won two championships with some superstars that have played for the club. I was not impressed overall, nor was I disappointed. This place is pretty average.

 Submitted By: Chris Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: As a Mets fan I'm a bit biased, but Citi Field is a gorgeous baseball stadium. Looking at it objectively it's a huge upgrade from Shea. I personally like the fact that it's not an easy park to hit a home run in, I enjoy that feel. The museum was beautiful and parts of it almost brought me to tears, it's an excellent ode to Mets fans. I also love the idea of the fan walk where Mets nation can write a message of their love for the Mets. I also love the availability of the old shea apple for Mets fans to touch and take pictures with. Definitely not something the Yankees would do. I'm also happy that the Mets have decided to make the walls blue. Avoiding a con I was going to write.
Cons of the ballpark: Although Citi Field is beautiful, it's getting a new pair of shoes, that looks great, but just doesn't feel right yet. The Mets haven't really made it home. Myself and every Mets fan know that Shea was a dump, but it was our dump. It was truly home. The Mets need to establish a home there. Also because Citi is more open it doesn't hold noise as well. Shea was notoriously loud.
Additional Comments:
WE MISS YOU JOSE. Thanks to my beautiful girlfriend for getting me front row seats on the day he comes back.

 Submitted By: Ronald Theriot Grade: A
Pros of the ballpark: It is certainly an outstanding new ballpark. The concessions are probably the best in baseball, especially the wonderful hot dog condiments, that shame other stadiums. The sight lines were fine, I thought. Also, I was able to walk all around at the park without any bother. This is truly a significant improvement over Shea Stadium (which was fine in its hey-day).
Cons of the ballpark: The only problem is the location. Unless one is looking for auto salvage parts, there is nothing to do here.
Additional Comments:
I was able to park for free at a distance not too far away (day game).

 Submitted By: John Grade: B
Pros of the ballpark: Nice Ballpark..way bigger upgrade than Shea..
Cons of the ballpark: Nothing to go with the apple when a Met hits a homer or win the ballpark..i personally feel adding fireworks, water pumps, or a siren of some sort would be nice to see during day games as well as night games..
Additional Comments:
Nice stadium...i always go but the apple just to plain for me and ive been a mets fan since i was in diapers..I hope the mets organization consider this

 Submitted By: Jeremy Grade: C
Pros of the ballpark: If you like the nostalgic look, Citi Field doesn't fail to deliver. It is definitely awe inspiring walking up to the main gates in the rotunda. Concourses were nice and wide and it is easy to move around in.
Cons of the ballpark: The sightlines are horrid if you are in the upper deck. My buddy and I sat in right field in section 502 and our view of the right field corner was completely blocked by section 501. If there is a ball hit into the corner, you have to wait for the replay to see what happened because you can't see it live. If you like to walk around the parks and stand for a few pitches, Citi Field is pretty hard to do that at. The upper decks hang very low and unless you kneel down, your view of the field is also obstructed.
Additional Comments:
My buddy and I flew up to NYC from Ohio to catch a game and we were both really excited about seeing the new park. Citi Field is definitely a beautiful ballpark, but it really falls short on sightlines. There are very many obstructed views. They could have done a much better job designing it. It almost feels like they threw it together and said whatever happens, happens. Unfortunately visual appeal doesn't make up for what it lacks in terms of viewing friendliness.


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